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  • Miniflex (Miniflex S)

    The Flexboat MINIFLEX is a perfect tender boat for small and medium-sized vessels. Foldable, it fits in a carrying bag that comes with the product and it is easy to carry wherever you want to.

    Very lightweight, its hydrodynamic design allows good performance and bold maneuvers.

    The transom and the planks that form the bottom are made of fiberglass, thus increasing the life of the product, even when exposed to the elements.

  • SR 1000 ( LL / LLC / LS / SL / T / W)

    The largest and most luxurious Flexboat in the line, the SR 1000 Luxury Leisure is most desired by those who want space, comfort and convenience on board. Inspired by the Italian “gommones” (Italian for inflatable boats), the SR 1000 LL brings in its DNA all the tradition, quality, robustness and technology that FLEXBOAT offers on every boatit builds.

    The SR 1000 LL can be fitted with outboard engines from 250 HP to 400 HP in twin engine applications or outboard engines up to 350 HP in triple engine applications. It can also be fitted with twin sterndrive engines from 220 HP to 430 HP. In either case it will provide exceptional range due to its 158 gallon (600 liters) fuel tank, providing a pleasant navigation and excellent performance. The safety is unquestionable due to the use of the authentic HYPALON ORCA TMimported from France in the construction of the tubes, which are divided in 10 independent air chambers.

    This Luxury Leisure version (LL) has a full head standard with shower and electric toilet. The boat can also be customized according to the needs and desires of the customer. Versatility is a quality that all Flexboats feature due to their handcrafted construction, and this is quite evident in the SR 1000 LL as there are numerous possibilities of assembly, finishing, engines and accessories such as stern sunpad, bow sunpad, ski pylon , teak floor, bow table, electric anchor winch, among other various accessories.

  • SR 760 (LL / LS / SL / SS / T / D / W)

    he Luxury Leisure (LL) version of the SR 760 has as main characteristic the center console with bathroom and the option of a sofa or a sunpad on the stern. With 25 ‘ 6 ” (7.76m) in length, this version is the most sought after for recreational use and ideal for family outings because of its comfort and convenience features.

    It can be equipped with one or two outboard engines, allowing a wide range of possibilities depending on your need. In its sterndrive version it can also be powered by either one or two engines while its overall length is 27 feet 2 inches (8,28 m). It can hold up to 13 people. It has a stainless steel structure captain and companion seating with a folding seat and seamless upholstered cushions, manufactured with the exclusive German Hinterschaum process. Its 105 gallon (400 liters) capacity fuel tank ensures sufficient range for longer journeys.

    Like any Flexboat, its tubes are made with ORCA TM HYPALON French fabric with ISO International Quality Certification, divided into 6 independent air chambers.

  • SR 620 (LX / T)

    The SR 620 LX (Luxury) version is 20′ 8” (6.30m) long when powered with outboard motor and it is 21 ft 8 in (6.60m) long when powered with sterndrive motor.

    It can carry up to 9 people with a maximum capacity of 3,520 lbs (1,600 kg) of total cargo. It has standard 15 gallon (55 liters) freshwater tank and also a 34 gallon (130 liters) capacity insulated box (cooler) located under the seat in front of console. As an option a stainless steel or fiberglass arch can be added, as well as several other accessories depending on your needs.

  • SR 550 GII

    The SR 550 L (Luxury) version is 18′ 7” (5.65m) long when powered with outboard engine and it is 19 ‘ 4 ” (5.89m) long when powered with stern drive motor. It features a fold-up captain seat for sporty driving, with full support on the back, and large stern storage compartment with 145 gallon capacity which offers room to accommodate batteries and accessories, and lots of other objects.

    There is a 9 gallon (35 liters) fresh water tank and a 12 gallon (48 liters) insulated dry storage compartment in front of the console.

    Seat and backrest uses cushions made with Hinterschaum injection process with no seams. It can carry up to 7 people with a total capacity for up to 3,520 lbs (1,600 kg) of total cargo. In the bow pulpit there are the fuel fill cap and the freshwater fill cap with safety drains for accidental spilling while fueling, following international safety standards.

  • SR 500 GII (LX / STD)

    The SR 500 in the LX (Luxury) version is 16′ and 5” (5.00 m) long and can be fitted with outboard engines from 90 HP to 140 HP maximum. With capacity to carry up to 6 people, it has capacity for up to 3,520 lbs (1,600 kg) of cargo. The SR 500 is designed and built to face prohibitive sea conditions for other types of vessels of its size. It is a safe, agile, light and economical boat.

    Widely used by the Armed Forces, it is also perfect for pleasure with family and friends. It has a anchor locker in the bow with a stainless steel mooring ring to tie the anchor line, and a 31 gallon (116 liters) watertight box in the bow with fiberglass cover.

    Its seat cushions are built with the seamless upholstering system by the German Hinterschaum foam injection process, and there is a large stern storage compartment with 114 gal capacity which offers room to accommodate batteries, engine oil tank, accessories, and room to store lots of other objects. It can optionally be equipped with a “Targa” style arch, 7 gallon (28 liter) fresh water tank and many other accessories.

  • Flex 450

    Inaugurating a new line of PREMIUM branded boats, the FLEX 450 arrives with innovative design and revolutionary technical and aesthetic characteristics for a boat of this category, providing the ultimate in performance, comfort and exclusivity for Flexboat lovers.

    The boat is 15′ (4.57m) long and is super sophisticated, ideal not only for those who are starting in the nautical leisure world but also to be used as a tender for the large yachts. This new model from Flexboat can be equipped with outboard engines from 60 to 75 HP which provide excellent performance.

    The FLEX 450 offers maximum space utilization and a neat finish. Comfort and convenience items are standard in this new model, such as: built-in Bimini Top, built-in ladder, several storage compartments, cup holders, armrests with handles, USB ports, courtesy lights and others.

    Safety features are also present in the FLEX 450, such as the 18 gallon (70 liters) fuel tank made of stainless steel with 2 baffles and fuel level indicator, in addition to the 6 gallon (24 liters) freshwater tank which is unheard of in a boat this size. The stainless steel bow roller is telescopic, allowing the rope not to damage the tubes when anchored and at the same time folding back to allow for safely touching other boats .

    The FLEX 450 is the latest addition to Flexboats line and the first model of the NEW PREMIUM LINE that FLEXBOAT is making available to the market at the 2017 Sao Paulo Boat Show 2017.

  • SR 15 (LX / STD)

    The Flexboat SR 15 LX (Luxury version) is 14′ 5” (4.40m) and can be equipped with outboard engines with a maximum recommended horsepower of 60 hp. It can be used as a tender for larger yachts and motorboats or as a family leisure boat.

    Capable of safely transporting up to 6 (six) people, it has a maximum capacity of holding 2,645 lbs (1,200 kg). It has 3 independent air chambers manufactured with French ORCA TM Hypalon fabric and is lightweight (452 lbs (205 kg), hull only), providing safety and excellent ride.

    It has grab handles and a life line in the bow all the way to amidships on both sides of the boat and 2 vulcanized rubber profiles applied all around the boat, along the sides of the tubes acting as fenders to protect the tubes during docking and also working as spray deflectors during navigation.

    Among other safety and comfort items this model comes standard with an anchor locker in the bow, a fuel tank compartment in the bow with fiberglass cover and latch, and a side mounted console with remote control. Optional items include a “Targa” style arch, bow cushion, Bimini Top, among others.

  • SR 12 (LX / LXE / SLX / STD)

    The LX (Luxury) version of the SR 12 incorporates a bow storage compartment and offers a V bottom fiberglass hull and a fiberglass liner with nonskid surface.

    It is ideal as a tender for vessels 30 ft and above, and also for fishing and family fun. With its 11′ 6” (3.50m) overall lenght the RS 12 LX has tubes built with ORCATM Hypalon imported from France.

  • SR 10 (10 S)

    The Flexboat SR 10 it is a great example of a robust and durable Flexboat tender which can also be used as a small leisure boat for beginners and small families.

  • SR 9.5

    The Flexboat SR 9.5 is a small RIB (rigid inflatable boat) with a fiberglass hull and tubes built with ORCATMHypalon tubes imported from France.

    With its 9.5′ overall length (2.86m) the SR 9.5 can carry up to 5 people and has a maximum recommended engine horsepower of 8 HP. It is a great choice for weekend fun with family and also as a tender for larger vessels.

  • Mini SR

    The Flexboat MINI SR is a small RIB (rigid inflatable boat) with a fiberglass hull and tubes built with ORCATMHypalon imported from France.

    The hydrodynamic shape of its hull offers great performance and stability.

    Pick a color for the tubes and for the decoration, and order your MINI SR.